extended-seat-on-air-new-zealand2It’s a long way down, down to New Zealand.  For the vast majority of the air travelers, it’s a tough slog, having to sit in upright coach seats can be tough after the 12th hour. Fortunately, Air New Zealand has come up with a great way to make that long trip a little nicer.

They have introducéd a new amenity, allowing two passengers to share a third seat, horizontally, so that a couple or a family can share the space lying flat. It’s  an ingenius plan, that in some ways discriminates against solo travelers. But for those traveling, like Noah’s Ark, in twos, well you’re in luck

They only require that flyers pay 25% additional for that valuable real estate. The Guardian UK added more details:

“Developed in-house by the airline’s designers and engineers, the 22 “Skycouches” will take up the first 11 rows in the economy cabin of the carrier’s new Boeing 777-300 planes, and will be formed out of three economy seats abreast that fold out to create a lie-flat space (complete with full size pillows) stretching right up to the seats in front.”