Fireworks Red, White and Blue Daiquiris

If you are feeling really festive this year and have some time to prepare this drink then your guests will thank you for it because it is such a fun cocktail.

Yes, beer and wine is more simple, but this drink adds a nice color of patriotism to your party.

American Flag Platter

Preparing a 4th of July get together shouldn’t have to take much effort. Kick it off with this simple appetizer that doesn’t require any cooking!

To make the American flag platter you just need to buy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and white cheese. Then arrange it on a large platter as shown in the picture.
Firecracker Grilled Alaska Salmon
Move over wings and hot dogs and make room for some delicious Alaskan salmon. I know fish isn’t exactly the traditional meat that is grilled on the 4th of July, but add this recipe to your feast for some added spice. The recipe uses soy sauce and balsamic vinegar to create a bold off-the-grill glaze with a small kick from the red pepper flakes.
Patriotic Desserts

End the festivities this year with a slice of red, white and blueberry pie. Baking is definitely not my forte, so I’ll let you in on my secret recipe to make a simple 4th of July cake. All you need to do is buy four ingredients at your local food market: angel cake, whipped cream (or Cool Whip), blueberries, and strawberries (sliced).

Simply spread the whipped cream over the cake and place the blueberries and strawberries over the top of the cake. Although the recipe is bare-bones, It is the thought that makes this cake a festive treat for your guests.
Did any recipe catch you attention to be made this year? If you have any other festive 4th of July recipes to share, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.