1. A pair of leggings (even if you are a male)

I have worn leggings on every single flight I have ever been on and I’ve never had a bad experience. Since every part of my body bloats when I’m up in the air, leggings become perfect for stretching out and then stretching in again.


2. Water or coconut water

You have to stay hydrated and if you’d rather have something tasty, grab some excitement for your taste buds, then grab a coconut water.


3. Comfy slippers

Usually these are provided on international flights, but always bring some in case. Our feet tend to become swollen when we are up in the air due to the inactivity of our legs; wearing a comfortable pair of slippers can prevent your feet from hurting too much.


4. Lotion (For your face and your body)

When on a flight, the moisture is practically being sucked out of our skin from the pressurized air in the cabin. All you need is some lotion to dab on but make sure it’s less than 8 oz. or it will be taken away from you in security.


5. A comfy neck pillow.

This is a given. Never go on a flight without a neck pillow. It will prevent your neck from straining and you wont have to keep “accidentally” snoozing on the guy next to you. 


 6.  Earphones

Airlines will usually provide these on the plane, but bringing your own will provide you with some during the layover (if you have one). They are a great way to block out the noise and listen to some good music.


Any other suggestions? List them in the comments section below!