I had an experience at a local Bank of America ATM recently that bode well for the future of automated banking. At first I was dismayed when, upon approaching the structure, saw that all of the envelopes were gone. Darn!  How am I going to deposit these checks?

But when I finally got inside the glass booth, I saw that the bank is promoting a new paperless system. So now, they’ve removed all of the envelopes and ask patrons to stick the checks, one by one, into the slot to be scanned.

It was easy, and on their little monitor, I saw the images of both the checks staring back at me.  This is a breeze!

It has been a while since any ATM innovations came along to top this….no longer will Bank of America have to stock envelopes in all of their more than 20,000 ATMs, and no longer will customers have to write on the backs of the envelopes records of how much is in the envelope.

It’s similar to when airlines pulled the final plug on paper tickets. God what a waste! Now even though everyone prints out those emails we get, there really isn’t a reason other than to reassure yourself…because your license and the Self Check In Kiosk will figure out who you are and print your boarding pass.