I can dream, can’t I?

Harriet Baskas writes on MSNBC today about some amenities and perks that travelers would love to pay for, compared with fees imposed on baggage that we resent.

In Minneapolis-St. Paul airport a new program requires retailers and restaurants to adhere to ‘Street pricing,’ in other words, charge the same as businesses located in the city would charge.This would eliminate the dreaded $4 water and $8.95 turkey sandwiches. This amenity doesn’t cost passengers anything, but might limit the interest in opening up kiosks and stores in terminals.

Another idea being thrown about is a small fee to have a restroom attendant watch your bags while you go…so you don’t have to wheel them into the stall with you.  I like the idea of having a bunch of different types of stores like Target, CVS and used bookstores in terminals. Hey why not?

I think airports would make a lot of money if they had a little area that you had to pay to park in for those people who want to go inside the airport when they are waiting to pick up a passenger. Hey, wouldn’t you gladly flip somebody a fiver if you didn’t have to worry about that state cop giving you a big ticket for leaving your vehicle?