Flying out of an airport can be a daunting experience – JFK is no exception. And while we know a thing or two about airport parking, we can’t possibly know everything. That’s why we roped in our customers to tell us what the real deal is when it comes to parking at JFK Airport.

Ok, let’s talk about JFK parking:

Our customers know what’s important when it comes to parking at JFK airport. Apart from price, 64% stated that distance to the airport is a huge factor when choosing a parking spot. With traffic around the city, this comes as no surprise. Customers also hold past experience with a parking lot (60.5%), as well as other customer reviews (46.5%) in high regard. On the flip side, coupons (10.5%) and additional amenities (4.7%) offered by a parking lot aren’t deal breakers when choosing a spot.

Bolt Parking at JFK has found the sweet spot for travelers. As the most popular choice (19.3%), it is only one mile from the airport and has an excellent review rating of 4.3/5. Radisson Hotel JFK Airport comes in second (15.7%). It’s also only one mile from the airport and has an overall customer rating of 3.9/5, but is a bit more expensive per day ($17 vs. Bolt’s $14.99). Both are good options if you are looking to park and fly out of JFK.

Park Plus Airport Parking (12%) and SmartPark JFK (12%) trailed slightly behind these two as the next top picks.

Parking prices at JFK airport are higher due to its location close to NYC, but most customers seem to recognize this. 31% of people polled pay between $10-13, where 26.8% pay $13-15. Another 26.8% pay even more per day at $15-18. Rarely (9.8%) do customers find airport parking under $10.

When it came to getting to the airport, many customers advised to get there early and to plan out all of your travel details before you leave for the airport, including parking, directions, estimated traffic, etc. Here are some specific comments about JFK parking:

“Leave yourself enough time to navigate the airport and get through security.”

“Don’t uber… Take your car and park it.”

“Research everything ahead of time. Listen to TSA each line may do things a little differently so pay attention.  Be patient!”

“Make sure you leave enough time for traffic!”

“Allow a few minutes extra time getting there if coming from the Van Wyck.”

“I researched long term parking for JFK and SmartPark although being higher priced had most positive reviews about wait time. Booking was easy and directions supported by sat navigation got us there easily.”

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*Prices accurate as of 6/26/2018 – prices vary daily.