*Updated June 2018*

Flying out of any airport can be stressful, but some less than others. This can be said about Oakland Intl. Airport. In close proximity to SFO airport, OAK is just across the bay and offers a smaller, more navigable, and sometimes a more cost effective alternative. We asked our Oakland customers for the 411 on parking and flying out of OAK airport.


How much does it cost to park at Oakland Airport?

We asked our customers ‘how much does it cost to park at Oakland Airport?’ 47% of customers pay $8-10 per day for parking, while 36% only pay $5-7. This is a huge price cut compared to SFO off-airport parking rates ($10 – $15). So if you have the choice to fly out of OAK vs. SFO, take the cost of airport parking into consideration. Also bear in mind that the cost of parking at Oakland Airport’s own parking lots starts at $18 a day (accurate June 2018).


Where to park at Oakland Airport?

Of all the places to park at OAK year to date in 2018: Expresso Airport Parking is our customers most popular lot with 21% of our customers choosing to park there. With a rating of 4.4/5, based on more than 3000 reviews our customers say that the staff are friendly, the facility clean, and that the option for covered parking is a big selling point. Great past experiences keep customers coming back.  Expresso Airport Parking offers self, valet and indoor parking. Park at Expresso Airport Parking →

Other OAK parking lots that our customers prefer to park at:


When deciding where to park, price is the biggest reason for our OAK customers. 36% of them also say that having a coupon sweetens the deal. Beyond price, good past experiences with parking lots have 62% of customers returning to the same lot. Customer reviews and distance to the airport are also key factors in their choice.

Here at APR, we are parking experts – but that is only one piece of the travel pie. Therefore, we asked our expert travel customers what advice they have when flying out of OAK. They happily obliged:

“Make sure you have planned for time to get from parking to the terminal. Check to make sure security lines are not bad. If terminal 2 is bad, try terminal 1, but you will have to do some walking, but security lines may be shorter in terminal 1.”

“If you live, particularly, in the East Bay it is the most convenient airport to access.”

“Get there early for terminal 2.”

“Nice that it isn’t a huge airport, but still big enough to go to major cities.”

“Plan on giving extra time if leaving at very early hours in the morning. Some of the parking lots have one person running them at that hour and you may have to wait for the person to return from dropping people off. They lock the lot so you can’t get in until they return.”

“Understand what items not to put in carry-on to speed up TSA lines”

“Call the parking lot as soon as you get off the plane for shuttle pick up.”

“The highways getting to the Oakland airport are more complicated than getting to SFO, but once at the airport, it is easier and quicker to navigate the process.“

“It’s much easier and more user-friendly than SFO”

“Get luggage tags on line, have TSA pre heck, if you have the luxury of having set of clothing at your destination, do it….then no worries with carrying or losing anything,”

“It’s easy to use OAK because of its small size. Security is faster than larger airports.”

“No need to get there super early. Fast airport. Pay $ 1-2 bucks and check in outside and drop off your luggage. Many times I get access to TSA pre-check because I’m not carrying anything but my purse. Also stop off at the wine shop. They have great tasting menus for small bites and 3 tastes of different wines for under $15. It’s a great way to kill some time if you are early. Flights usually run on time here vs. San Francisco.”

“Always give yourself plenty of time to go through security which can sometimes be long. And don’t forget to bring your patience.”

“Off site parking is great. You park your car and they take you to the airport and within 10-15 minutes you are there. On your return they pick you up and deliver you to your car.”

“TSA lines can be long but they’re generally efficient and the TSA staff are friendlier than many airports.”

“Very easy airport to get in and out of. Parking cheaper than SFO.”

“Make sure you check in 1 hr prior to flight departure. Luggage has to be checked in by then for loading purpose, so pack at night and be at airport 2 hrs prior to departure. Have a good start for your planned vacation.”

“You absolutely have to reserve a [parking] space, do not show up without a reservation.”


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