If you’re new to the idea of off-site airport parking at Philadelphia Intl. Airport, welcome! We want to make sure that you are welled versed when it comes to traveling through PHL airport. To do this, we surveyed our customers and asked them for their tips and tricks when it came to parking and flying out of Philly.


Where to park at PHL and how much will it cost you?

There are a bunch of choices when flying out of PHL, but our customers prefer to park at these locations:

18.5% of our customers like to park at Colonial Airport Parking. It’s only 4.2 miles to the airport and lets you choose between self-uncovered parking or valet parking. Pricing starts at $7.44/day. Customers rate the lot as ‘Excellent’ 4.5/5.

Pacifico Airport Parking scores an ‘Excellent’ 4.4/5 rating from our customers, which is why 10.9% of them choose to park here. It is 4.1 miles from the airport and is $7.50/day to park here. You can choose to valet your car or go with their curbside option. A customer’s comments:

“This AP moves quicker than the surrounding city airports. If you have a round-trip from Philly park at Pacifico! They have a service where they bring you YOUR car to the airport when you arrive and you leave straight from there to go home. The driver waits for a ride back to the lot. Great perk!! Also, the food at the airport Marriott is outstanding!!”

Wyndham Garden Philadelphia Airport is the #1 choice for 9.8% of our customers. It’s the closest parking lot to the airport at 3.2 miles. It offers self-parking for $7.49/day and has a ‘Great’ customer rating of 4.0/5.


All of these PHL parking lots have a lot in common, from price and customer ratings to parking option offerings and distance to the airport. So what makes a parking lot stand out? 64.6% of customers in our survey stated that past experience with a parking lot is a huge deciding factor when choosing a lot. This leads us to believe that customer loyalty is a big driving force for these similar parking lots. With Winner Airport Parking holding the highest preference among our customers, they must create a great experience for their customers.


General Airport Tips

When it came to general tips for getting to and through PHL airport, here’s what our customers had to say:

“Try to avoid traveling late afternoon to evening. Traffic is heavy at the airport and likely for a delay.”

“Use the curbside check-in. It’s faster and you don’t have to wait in line inside. Tip the guy a few bucks and you check in and go right to security.”

“When you go thru TSA be prepared. Put all your small items in your carryon or a ziplock bag.”

“TSA pre-check is worth the price at PHL”

“If you have an American Express card and it allows you to use the Centurion Lounge in Concourse A, I highly recommend it!

“Get there early – TSA lines are unpredictable! Usually OK but Murphy’s Law always comes into play.”

“Smile and relax most are glad to help just ask.”


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