Here at, we have a pretty great and knowledgeable group of customers who aren’t anything less than ‘travel savvy’. We recently reached out to the folks who regularly fly out of Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Airport for the inside scoop. Here’s what they had to say about Seattle Airport parking, navigating the airport and everything in between.

“Shop around for parking options – lots available”.

– Customer

We couldn’t agree more! Our site has a ton of SeaTac parking options for the right price, amenities or location. When we polled our customers, Extra Car Airport Parking made the top of the list. 23.5% of respondents park there when flying out of SEA. A customer praised their services saying, “We always use ExtraCar they drop you off and pick you up, always quick, we have never had to wait more than 5 minutes.”

Park N Jet Lot-1 (20.2%) and Park N Jet Lot-2 (16.9%) weren’t far behind on the list, and received similar acclaim:

“Park N Jet Lot-2, when you drop your vehicle off they are right there to take you directly to the airport. When arriving back just call them, they come to pick you up within 5 to 8 minutes take you back to the lot where your car is waiting up front for you with keys in it, jump in your car and away you go! You don’t have to deal with checking out or anything.”

Nearly half (49.2%) of our customers pay between $6-8/day for Seattle Airport parking, 82.2% explaining that price is one of the most important reasons for choosing a parking lot. Past customer experience (65.4%) and distance to the airport (44.3%) are also determining factors. And 22.7% say that a coupon doesn’t hurt either!

Once you’ve made it to the airport, be prepared for a wait. Customers lament the long TSA lines, and you should expect to waste 1 hour or longer before you get through to your terminal. One customer recommended getting CLEAR []. Another customer explained that you can always check TSA wait times online and to use the central checkpoint – it’s the fastest!

So now that you’re through TSA (finally!), you have some time to kill. Here’s what our customers had to say about that:

“Best kept secret is lunch or dinner at the Wine Bar before security…try the wraps and a nice Washington Pinot Gris.”

“If you get to the airport early, look for food for the flight in all the terminals, not just your departure terminal. If you want vegan food as I always do, you need to go the extra mile to find some at SEA but it is there if you look.”

“Great local beers available.”

“Prices for drinks and such went up with mandated minimum wage increase.”

“There is almost nothing in the way of restaurants, shopping, etc. until you go through security, so get through. There’s plenty on the other side, and it’s even fun to spend a little extra time there looking at the shops, etc.”

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*Prices accurate as of 6/26/2018 – prices vary daily.