*Updated June 2018*

You’ve purchased your flight out of San Francisco Intl. Airport. Your rental car is booked and almost all of your destination details are in place. Now it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get to the airport and make it through TSA. We asked our San Francisco customers for all of their expert tips and tricks for parking and navigating through SFO. And we’re here to share it with you.

Where to park at (SFO) San Francisco Intl. Airport?

We asked our customers where is the best to park at SFO and it’s clear there are two major players: Anza Parking and Burlingame Airport Parking. Both bring something different to the table, while retaining one similar attribute: customer satisfaction. Here are the details…

1. SkyPark SFO – Our most popular parking partner at SFO. Shuttle service is immediate, running to demand and customers are provided with complimentary coffee, newspaper and donuts! Park at SkyPark >

2. Anza Parking – At a 4.7/5 customer rating, Anza knows how to keep customers happy. It offers self and valet parking at no additional cost. The shuttles to and from the airport run less than 10 minutes apart. Park at Anza Parking >

3. Burlingame Airport Parking –This is our 3rd best selling SFO lot in 2018. The best aspect of Burlingame is the price, which is $12 per day compared to $15.20 at Anza (*June 2018). This lot offers self-park only, is open 24 hours and is handicap friendly. Park at Burlingame Airport Parking >

How much does it cost to park at SFO Airport?

Airport parking can be expensive, and it’s no surprise that 83% of our SFO customers name price as the biggest reason for their airport parking lot choice. 40% of our customers say price is the most influential purchasing decision. The cheapest parking option is currently Crowne Plaza at $12 per day. Compare that to a minimum of $25 a day cost to park at the on-airport lots and it’s clear that these off-airport parking lots represent great value. Distance to the airport, personal past experience, and customer reviews also play a big part in the decision process. All of these details and reviews can be found on each of our parking lot pages – make sure to do your research to find the right parking lot for you!

Airport parking is only one aspect of the travel process. With that in mind, we asked our customers for any SFO travel “words of wisdom”. This is what they said:

“The TSA closes at 12:30am and opens around 5:00am. This is an issue if you try to spend the night for an early morning flight. You cannot check a bag overnight and cannot take that size of bag through the TSA. This means you will have to sit in the street side of the lounge.”

“If you don’t have TSA pre-check, arrive at least two hours before your flight.”

“Remember to bring your printed [airport parking] confirmation!”

“Allow enough time to get parked, shuttled to the terminal and get thru the check in and security checkpoint process so your stress level is at a minimum…”

“Go for the cheapest. I have found very little difference in the shuttle service between the cheapest and the more expensive.”

“Being early is never a bad thing.”

“This is the best most affordable way for a long-term parking experience I have ever had. Park and stay takes the stress out of rushing to the airport, especially for early morning flights.”

“Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before your flight starts to board. It is better to get there too early than to miss your flight. You can’t predict traffic to the airport or how busy it might be checking in your luggage or getting through security.”

“Come watch our SF Giants play and have some garlic fries, then park you car in Burlingame and take the free shuttle to SFO.”

“Allocate adequate time. It’s a busy airport and delays may occur at security.”

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*Prices accurate as of 8/11/2016 – prices vary daily.