We love our customers and know they are seasoned travelers when it comes to flying out of any major airport across the nation. That’s why we knew they were the best group to talk to about San Jose Intl. Airport. We sent them a survey on their best tips and tricks for getting to and flying out of the airport, and combined all of their feedback below.


From what our customers have said, SJC is a great airport to fly out of.

“Generally a very easy airport to navigate in all respects”

“Love to fly out of SJC. Great little airport.”

“One of the more pleasant airports to use – follow the signs and you can’t go wrong.”


But they still had some overall tips for navigating the airport:

“Empty your water containers before coming through TSA. Find a longterm lot off-site and shuttle in.”

“Check you TSA lines, don’t assume they are open in the morning. Check ahead so you can plan on it taking extra time to get through security”

“Make sure to call [for your return shuttle] the minute you grab your luggage. Waiting in the heat/cold after a long flight really works on nerves The waiting area is outside with minimal coverage overhead”

“Give yourself plenty of time to avoid stress and once you get past security, relax at one of the many places to eat and drink.”

“Get there early if it’s a holiday or during the holiday season. Depending on the terminal, you might want to bring your own food as there aren’t lots of options everywhere. (or get something before going to the gate.)”

“Avoid high parking cost and airport congestion. Off-site parking is cheaper and more convenient.”

“Better to be early than late.”

“The SJC lounge is nice but runs out of food. The staff is nice.”


The only problem is getting to the airport… A lot of our customers mentioned that Silicon Valley traffic can be bad at best and to take traffic into consideration when choosing a flight time. Avoiding rush hour in the morning and evening is key:

“Avoid flights during Silicon Valley commute times 6-10 AM and 2-8 PM. Traffic in these times will triple to quadruple transit time to the airport.”

“Choose a flight earlier in the day, not after 5 p.m.”



Where to park at SJC and what does it cost?

We asked our customers which airport parking lot they typically park at and EZ ParkFly definitely takes the cake. 56.1% of our customers choose to park there if they can, and for good reason. EZ ParkFly is only 1.2 miles from the airport, has a 4.2/5 ‘Excellent’ customer rating, and charges a $8.99 daily rate for valet parking. One customer had this to say:

“Park at EZ ParkFly! It’s safe, pick up and arrival is on time, and the staff is great! Just don’t be fooled by GPS. It is a direct left into the parking facility. Watch for the signs right after the light. Note: Two parking companies posted on the fence.”


The other two lots that have our customer’s loyalty is the DoubleTree Hotel San Jose ($12/day) and Park N Travel ($8.95/day).


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*Prices accurate as of 7/26/2018 – prices vary daily.