Atlanta, Georgia travelers and their four-legged companions will be pleased to know that the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport has opened an off leash dog park. According to, the new dog park will serve 2 dogs at one time. It is completely fenced in and covers 1,000 square feet. The dog park is located in the Ground Transportation center by the passenger terminal.

Dogs and their owners will enjoy a dog park that has a natural environment including flowers and grass. The dog park also has benches for the dog owners to sit on while they are with their dogs. This is a great convenience both for those with service animals who use the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and also others with dogs who are traveling from this airport. Knowing there is a convenient place to let your dog out for a quick run or a “Mother Nature stop” is a great relief for both owners and the dogs. This helps your dogs to fly more comfortably as you take them on vacation or for longer trips.

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