According to the Associated Press, a clinic located in the Atlanta International Airport will be offering flu shots this season. What a great convenience for busy travelers this fall and holiday season!

Flu season officially starts October 1st but the flu shots will become available on September 15th. This is to allow travelers who wish to get a head start on the flu season full protection from that pesky bug.

The clinic will offer flu shots through the end of December. The shots cost $35.

When Atlanta residents and travelers choose off airport parking through, they’ll be sure to have the free time to stop and get their flu shot. Just imagine having this great protection from the flu as you travel and visit family and friends this holiday season. With off airport parking you’ll have time to stop at the clinic and get your shot. So often travelers need to rush through the airport. But with off airport parking – you’re choosing the #1 travel time choice of the savvy traveler.

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