Let’s face it: when you have a big family, it can be tough getting everyone organized when you are taking a trip. When you have six or more children you’ve certainly got your hands full! That’s why big families like to choose off airport parking to make traveling to and from the airport so much easier.


Taking a cab can be so much hassle. For a larger family they’ll charge you extra for a larger vehicle – and sometimes the cab you order comes late….or doesn’t even show up at all. Getting a family friend or neighbor to drive you to the airport can be a great idea, but that often just doesn’t work out as planned. That family friend can have an emergency with their child or have to go into the office early that day. With off airport parking, you simply log on to the AirportParkingReservations.com website and you’ll get a GUARANTEED RESERVATION. This means your travel plans are taken care of.


Then there’s actually being at the off airport parking facility. What customer service! Every big family is always pleased with how well they are taken care of. The airport shuttle driver helps you with your luggage, so you can hold your little ones’ hands and monitor older children. You can count heads and airplane tickets and make sure you’ve got everyone and everything for an easy trip. On the return trip the shuttle driver will be glad to help your family once again. That’s music to a big family’s ears. Because let’s face it: we all can use a hand every now and then!