Looking for cheaper flights can be difficult especially when flying international. There are so many airlines to choose from and the roundtrip flights can add up. When I first heard of being able to book roundtrip flights for under $600 internationally, I didn’t believe it, especially because I had just paid $1,600 dollars to get to Italy last year. Norwegian airlines has direct flights, free Wi-Fi, frequent flyer rewards, SMS tickets, flexible tickets, a low airfare calendar, centrally located airports, direct flights, direct to gate check in, frequent departures, in-flight entertainment, centrally located airports, new aircraft, numerous additional options at a fair cost, and a campaign to reduce emission by 30 percent during the next year. They also offer car rentals, hotel deals, and travel tips for where you might be heading.

Airports in the U.S.

The airports they fly out of from the U.S. are Florida- Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Florida-Orlando (MCO), Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK), and San Francisco (OAK).

Is there a catch?

If not being provided free meals throughout the flight is a deal breaker for you then maybe you should reconsider taking Norwegian Airlines. In terms of luggage, the only luggage that is included within the ticket price is one piece of hand baggage. Checked baggage can be purchased for an additional cost (which might help you pack lighter!). Meals are not included within the flight, but meals can be pre-purchased and seat reservations can be pre-purchased as well.

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