Children are adorable…but sometimes they can truly be a handful! Many families readily admit that while they love those trips to Grandma, sometimes they put off making family vacations because they just don’t feel that their children are “ready” for travel. These families should know the secret that busy families know: off airport parking. With off airport parking their travel time to the airport is easy and convenient.

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Off airport parking also provides top quality customer service to busy families. There will always be someone there with you as you park the car. Best of all, they will gladly assist you with your luggage. This leaves your hands free to hold your children’s’ hands and focus on getting them ready for the flight. During the short airport shuttle bus ride, read them a story or talk to them about what it will be like to go up in an airplane.

So do as savvy busy families do…and use off airport parking. Your trip will be easy and convenient.