Anchorage, Alaska travelers will be pleased to know they can choose off airport parking when they fly from Anchorage International Airport. Travel time to the airport is one of every traveler’s biggest challenges. By choosing off airport parking, you’ll save not only time…but money as well!

Many off airport parking customers through discover that they save up to 50% off what parking directly at the airport would cost. This is a great savings…especially as you are planning your summer vacation or other trip. Use this money to extend your trip and enjoy spending more time with family and friends. Or use the money to do more fun activities during your stay.

Anchorage is a beautiful place with lots of wilderness to explore. But when your travels take you to a warm, sandy beach or your favorite golf course to hit the links, choosing off airport parking is the best choice so you can ensure you’ll enjoy your entire trip. With’s GUARANTEED RESERVATION, your parking spot is reserved for you and for you only. Just a small deposit holds your parking place.

When traveling from the Anchorage area, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Diamond Airport Parking Self Park

Diamond Airport Parking Covered