This story struck me as the ultimate example of people getting way too paranoid about flying.  I mean, what’s wrong with moving to a new seat to help balance an airplane?  Well, a group of British travelers recently caused a stink when they gave up paid tickets after refusing this request.

“A group of tourists headed to Newcastle, UK from Majorca, Spain on a charter plane refused to fly after they were asked to move to the back to help balance the weight of the plane, according to several published reports. said reports suggested that the plane’s cargo hold malfunctioned, causing the passenger’s luggage to store only in the front of the plane. Passengers were then asked to sit in the back of the plane to counteract the imbalance.

Fearing for their safety, 71 passengers refused and found other ways to get home, including paying for tickets to board other flights. Thomas Cook Airline officials said there was no safety risk to the passengers, the story said.

This might be a new low in the bad state of airline/passenger relations.