The Northern states of the U.S.A. are seeing lots of snow and ice. Some states are having the worst winter they’ve had in years. For travelers, this means lots of stress and frustration as they try to get to the airport. No one likes to travel through snow piles. Even worse is coming home from your trip to stumble through the snow to call a cab or get into your neighbor’s car.

Your best bet is to select off airport parking with a covered parking facility. This will mean that your car is protected from the elements. Your car will be safe and dry as the snow and ice continue to come down in the Northern states. You’ll have no worries about the storms that continue to travel across the Northern states of the U.S.A..

If you have trouble finding a covered off airport parking facility – don’t worry, at most off airport parking facilities they will gladly help you get the snow and ice off of your car. This service is complimentary and comes with a smile. At off airport parking facilities, they want to be sure your trip home is just as good as your vacation or business trip!