Now there’s more competition among airlines serving Australia.  For  years, only Qantas and United have offered air service between the US and Australia. But today, in the Wall St. Journal, an announcement came of a new partnership between Virgin Blue and Delta Airlines to open up a new carrier’s service.

Australia is very far away from the US, but it’ s very similar.  I traveled to the country’s second city, Melbourne last year, and found the people to be friendly and the pace and feeling to be very much like the US. It didn’t  feel European, except in the few neighborhoods settled by Italians and Greeks.

With the advent of this service, Qantas undoubtedly will feel pressure to lower fares. And that’s a good thing for Americans who want to experience the land of Oz. It makes sense for Delta to go this direction, since these long-haul flights are  where they can make much more profit versus shorter routes. The two carriers will form a joint venture and it will take about six months for the permits to go through.

Delta already serves Sydney with a daily non-stop from Los Angeles, as does V Australia.