A man who used a stolen ID card and old boarding passes featuring names not his own in order to illegally board at flight at JFK airport was arrested at LAX this week. The man is said to be Nigerian-born and he used up to 10 different boarding passes in order to get through the heavy security in place at the airport and make his way onto a flight.

He apparently used the same method to fly to Los Angeles International Airport, where he was arrested and accused of being a stowaway on a plane. He was trying to board a plane to Atlanta from LAX when the arrest took place.

It wasn’t the only disruption at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport this week, either. On a slightly lighter not – on the morning of Wednesday 29th June, dozens of flights were delayed by 150 terrapin turtles in search of beach.

It might sound like something out of a comedy show, but planes were forced to divert to alternative runways as the turtles crawled across the tarmac. The animals were looking for somewhere to lay their eggs and evidently had become confused in their search for a suitable place. JFK Airport staff had to then make their way onto the tarmac to rescue the turtles and transport them across the airport facility. As a result, flights were delayed by an average of up to 30 minutes.

Following the above incidents, flights from JFK Airport are said to be operating normally once more.