Although this blog is mostly about airline travel, our main topic of interest is parking…and if you go on a cruise, you’ll need to park at the airport. We hope you’ll visit APR and find the spot before you fly.

Cruises were in the news today on AOL travel. Some advice includes NEVER touch that Bible that you can usually find in a cabin. Don’t open it, don’t read it….because in cruise ships, germs can live in the pages of books like bibles, and you never know who has been leafing through the old testament before you.  A few years ago the Norwalk virus, named after the city in Ohio, prompted cruise ship owners to begin more vigilance about things people touch, and ways germs are transmitted. Poker chips, TV remote controls, hand rails were all prime culprits.

Other tips for cruisers…don’t do anything wild like have sex on an open deck. Today’s ships have surveillance cameras and you’ll get caught quickly.

Other tips include not ignoring safety briefings given by the crew. “Passengers aboard the Norwegian Dawn report being his by a 7-story tall wave during an otherwise typical sail in 2008. There IS a chance you might be swept overboard!