Phoenix, Arizona travelers have something special they can enjoy as they travel through the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – fine art exhibits! According to the website, the Phoenix Airport Museum is one of the largest airport museums nationwide and has exhibits in a variety of places in the airport. They have more than 500 works of art and several gallery spaces. This is ideal as many people can enjoy art as they travel through the airport.

Find art when you travel through Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4. There is also art on the outside of the Operations Center and near the 24th Street at Buckeye and 16th street south of Buckeye. What a pleasure it is to know you can travel through the airport and enjoy fine art exhibits along the way!

Now on display in Terminal 2 are pastel drawings by Ellen Wagener. The exhibit, Land Air Light is available until April 2010. Many of her pastels feature clouds, the atmosphere and scenic views of land. How ideal to view these as you are preparing to get on an airplane, where in the air you will see many clouds and scenic views of the land below. This is a creative use of space at the airport by the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to add an art museum. It is very thoughtful of them to add something for their travelers’ enjoyment – like many art exhibits throughout the airport.

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