Miami, Florida vacationers can enjoy a lovely airport when they choose MIA off airport parking. The Miami International Airport is used by tens of thousands of travelers every year – taking national and international flights. This modern airport is a popular destination for many.

When traveling from the Miami International Airport, you’ll have to be sure to enjoy a great meal at La Carreta. La Carreta is one of many travelers’ favorite restaurants according to a poll in a recent U.S.A. TODAY article. We’re sure you’ll enjoy La Carreta just as much as they do! Whether grabbing a quick lunch or sitting down for a luxurious dinner, La Carreta is your ideal choice at the Miami International Airport.

Fortunately, when you choose off airport parking you have the ability to enjoy the lovely restaurants and shops at the airport – unlike when you choose other ways to get to the airport. We’ve all faced rushing to the airport in that cab that came to your house too late – or cramming into the airport shuttle filled with passengers for a stress-filled ride. But when you choose off airport parking, you arrive at the airport on time and feel very relaxed. Your parking place at is reserved for you ahead of time – so there is no stress or worry about the off airport parking facility running out of room.

When flying from Miami International Airport, choose from the following off airport parking facilities:

Continental Valet Parking

Crowne Plaza Hotel

CBM Park and Fly

Embassy Suites

CBM Park and Sail