Newark, NJ travelers can enjoy a great airport when they choose off airport parking. Newark International Airport is one of the most well-known airports in the U.S.A.. Tens of thousands of travelers come in and out of this airport every year. Whether taking a local or an international flight, these Newark International Airport travelers have known that this is a great airport to visit.

When you choose off airport parking you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy Newark International Airport. Getting to the airport is one of every travelers’ top challenges. Whether taking an expensive cab that doesn’t come…or shows up late, or taking a crowded airport shuttle, or asking a friendly neighbor to take you to the airport – yes, you do have options. But often these options just don’t work out. Your neighbor can need to go into work at the last minute or that airport shuttle can be too crowded for your family to take that specific one – meaning you can risk missing your flight! So off airport parking is truly the best choice.

Best of all, when you choose off airport parking you can enjoy Gallagher’s Steak House. Gallagher’s Steak House is well known for their delicious steaks and classic American cuisine. This is a great restaurant for a quick bite or a full meal when you are waiting for your flight.

When choosing off airport parking at Newark International Airport, consider the following facilities:


Vista Airport Parking

E-Z Way Airport Parking

AirPark at Newark

ABC Airport Parking

Park 2 Go


Corporate Airport Parking at Newark

AviStar Airport Valet Parking