Lost bags…boy don’t we all have a few stories about that. It’s become a part of air travel legend, the bags we lost and the stories we tell. In today’s Wall St. Journal, a story was told of a man with a bigger problem.

Andrew Price is the man airlines rely on to stop losing traveler’s bags!

Yet Price keeps losing his luggage: In his first year he lost it seven times. Price is in charge of the Baggage Improvement Program, a five-year global campaign launched by the International Air Transport Association to help their members with this problem.  And a big problem it remains…last year more than 31 million bags, about 1.4% of all checked bags, went missing. Nearly two million were never found.

Why do bags get lost?

A chart with the article shows that 42% of lost bags failed to make connecting flights, much like many people.  Next, 21% is because of loading or off-loading errors that kept the bags from ever getting put on the right plane.  Eight percent are mishandled at the arrival airport and six percent is due to restrictions placed by airport or customs, weather or weight.