Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding is to expire in little over a week with still no agreement on a long term deal for the institution. Both the House and Senate will be keen to avoid a temporary shutdown similar to the one earlier in the summer which meant aviation taxes went uncollected and tens of thousands of contractors and government employees were temporarily out of work.

One of the main sticking points is the anti labor provision the Republicans want to insert to make unionizing airline workers more difficult. Democrats claim this has been introduced by airlines covertly lobbying for such a move, most notable Delta is one of the alleged.

FAA employees and contractors are rightfully nervous as many of those furloughed last time are still out of pocket .

With the level of criticism both parties could face if another shutdown occurred at a time when unemployment rates are disastrous and the economic growth stifled, it is feasible a deal could be done imminently but time is running our fast.