Let’s face it: little ones are not only a bundle of joy – they can be a real handful at times. Any parent really knows this when they try to travel with their young children. Even if a young child is excited about traveling, it can still be quite stressful to travel with them. A parent needs every success tip in their arsenal to manage their young children successfully.

One of the best things families of young children can do is to choose off airport parking. When you choose off airport parking, you don’t have to stress or worry about finding a parking place at the airport. You even save money on parking your car – because off airport parking facilities are often up to 50% less than airport parking!

Parents of young children especially appreciate the complimentary airport shuttle that gets them quickly to and from the airport. The driver of this shuttle will help manage their luggage – so parents are free to hold their children’s hands, point out the planes or even read them a storybook! If your children have fallen asleep in the car you don’t have to wake them up and then deal with a fussy youngster along with the bags. Let your little one sleep as the luggage is managed for you!