Some airlines like to take things to the extreme. This week Ryanair announced an additional restriction. Starting next year they will completely eliminate checked baggage from their flights!

This is in addition to their pay-to-pee bathrooms on planes and a $60 fee if passengers don’t take the time to print their own boarding passes. Wow!

The travel website Jaunted reported today the airline ‘Plans to offer an unlimited allowance for carry-on bags” that comply with government size limits.

In a previous past last March, the site tallied up the true cost of flying on this European only airline. The fees included for a 53 pounds roundtrip ticket were 4.75 handling fee, 5 check-in fee, 10 to check one bag, 6 for priority boarding 20 for an additional carryon and a whopping 45 to get you to the city center since the flights end up in Girona which is far away from the Spanish city.

With fees like this, who would ever want to ‘save’ money flying Ryanair?  We just hope that this kind of passenger-unfriendly attitude doesn’t make its way over to the US any time soon!