So this is your first time on an airplane! You must be quite excited. Airplane travel is like nothing else. It can get you to places to quickly and is very convenient.

Well we are going to suggest that you do what experienced airline travelers do – use off airport parking. Off airport parking means that you have a GUARANTEED RESERVATION for your parking place at the airport parking facility waiting for you. There is no stress or worry about not having a place to park your car. Best of all, off airport parking is often about 50% less than airport parking facilities are. You are located within minutes of the airport and take a complimentary airport shuttle to get quickly to the airport. This is the ideal choice for a first time traveler that wants to be savvy.

Choosing off airport parking also comes with lots of benefits. You can get your car washed and waxed while you are on vacation. Get your car inspection done. Or even get an oil change taken care of. Come home from your vacation with all of these lovely chores completed – so you can enjoy even more free time! Why, that’s exactly what the savvy traveler would do!