Indianapolis, Indiana travelers will be pleased to know they can find the H1N1 flu vaccine at the Indianapolis International Airport. According to, the Indiana State Department of Health will be offering the vaccine free of charge from Tuesday February 2nd to Friday February 5th. The Indiana State Department of Health is working in partnership with the Marion County Health Department to provide the H1N1 flu vaccine to travelers and workers at the Indianapolis International Airport. To find the H1N1 flu vaccine at the airport is a great convenience to travelers as you can leave for that family vacation, business trip or other travel plans knowing you are vaccinated from the H1N1 flu.

If the H1N1 flu is a concern, look for the fr*e clinic offered up until Friday, February 5th at the Indianapolis International Airport thanks to the Indiana State Department of Health and the Marion County Health Department. Many airports today are now offering the H1N1 flu vaccine in clinics for a reasonable fee. Check your local airport to see if they offer a H1N1 flu vaccine clinic or fr*e clinic as the Indianapolis International Airport is doing this February.

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