I can always count on Johnny Jet to provide me with the latest travel news. His Tweet let me know about a story in today’s NY Post about a mission that Port Authority is on to kill geese. These are the bad geese who often get sucked into jetliner turbines.

Bird control is a big topic on travel sites everywhere, and now any goose within five miles of Kennedy and LaGuardia airports has a target on his back.

Airport Supervisors will learn to use gas to cleanly kill the large black honking birds, who gather on the grass next to the tarmac and are feared by pilots and passengers alike. Already more than 1250 geese have been ‘removed’ near LaGuardia. But more geese blood is to be spilled soon.

One ornithologist has suggested that the kill take place during molting season, when the geese can’t fly. In late June, the season will be here, and the killing will begin.

In addition to the kill, new state-of-the art bird radar will be going up at JFK to better detect the birds.