How much time does it take now to go through security?  Probably longer than most travelers wish. Well, news of the new airport scanners has given rise to the possibility of much, much longer lines as people wait to be scanned for bombs and other hazards in new, bigger machines.

USA Today reports that people are going to have to wait longer for the up to  40 second body scans, versus today’s approximately 10-second treatment of walking through a metal detector.

These are the machines we’ve warned you about—the ones that distinguish between boxers and briefs. They take  up a whole lot of room in crowded TSA checkpoints but soon will be a part of every large airport’s security arsenal.

This month the first of the scanners, with the TSA planning to put in 950 in total over two years. This move was driven mostly by the idiot from Nigeria who tried to light a bomb in his underwear.

Most people, though, after they are familiar with the machines should be able to get through in 15 seconds. Still, we all know those people who who end up ahead of us are usually the ones who don’t get it and take forever!