It seems like more and more seniors are traveling these days. No longer does the phrase “golden years” mean spending it cooped up in your house knitting something! These vibrant and active seniors are out exploring every corner of the globe – some are taking the trips they envisioned when they were younger and just didn’t have the time or money. Others are traveling as often as they can to visit family – especially those adorable grandkids.

That’s why these globetrotting seniors prefer to choose off airport parking when they travel. These seniors are savvy when it comes to their travel logistics. They don’t want to call a cab that could run late…or might not even show up at all. They don’t want to call an airport shuttle service and get smushed in with twenty other passengers along that busy route before it finally gets to the airport. With off airport parking – you can leave for the airport when you want – and arrive when you want.

Best of all, seniors know they’ll receive five-star customer service at off airport parking facilities. These facilities have airport shuttle bus drivers who will follow them as they park their car. The shuttle bus driver is happy to help them with their luggage before entering the shuttle bus and then as they enter the terminal. On their return trip, if there is something wrong with their car, the shuttle bus driver can help them or call for assistance. No waiting alone by yourself in a shadowy parking garage!

These seniors sure do have life figured out. Those “golden years” certainly have their advantages. It’s a good thing we can all enjoy off airport parking!