Google, we’ll never stop loving you. The search giant may get into trouble with book publishers, but for most travelers we’ve gotta salute the boys in Mountain View.  They recently announced that they will offer free Wi-Fi in 47 airports and in all US Virgin America flights now through January 15!

Free Wi-Fi in planes relies on a system developed by GoGo wireless. They have built ground towers throughout the US and cellphones on the planes beam their signals down and connect to the towers as the plane flies along. Usually Virgin charges customers for this privilege but for the holidays you can connect gratis.

And when you’re down in the airport, you can bypass that annoying ‘Sign Up Now with your credit card’  screen and go right to Facebook or your email in the majority of airports in the US. So make sure to bring your laptop when you travel this holiday season, and say thanks to Google, the people who own the world, for making it free for a little while.