As a parent, you really want to be there for every “first” experience your child has. The first time they walk, talk — and even the first time they travel. Taking your child for the first time on an airplane is a very exciting experience. That’s why off airport parking makes this trip so much easier for parents and their children.

When you choose off airport parking, you’ll know your travel time to the airport is taken care of. You receive a GUARANTEED RESERVATION – your parking place is waiting for you! This means parents can focus on their child and talking to them about their upcoming airplane trip while driving them to the airport. You can talk about the trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s or the trip to the beach or theme park you are taking.

Parents especially appreciate the white glove treatment they receive from off airport parking. As you park your car, you are always in the presence of the off airport parking airport shuttle driver. This airport shuttle driver can help you with your luggage, leaving you free to hold your child’s hand or let them sit on your lap on the shuttle as you just enjoy the trip. On the return trip, the airport shuttle driver will gladly help you with your luggage – and if you have any car trouble they’ll gladly lend a hand. This is much appreciated by parents of little ones who want to spend every moment with their child!