How about some sushi at 33,000 feet?  Today Scott McCarthy who writes the Middle Seat for the Wall St. Journal discussed the upgraded food options that have been rolled out by some airlines.

After 2001, most airlines did away with free meals on domestic flights, and now the flight attendants hawk ‘snack packs’  and dry turkey sandwiches in the sky.  Though designed as a money-maker, airlines say that they throw out so much of the offerings that they end us making zilch.

But now some airlines have decided to go at it a different way, and offer healthy and tasty options….like sushi. On Hawaiian Air they still offer free meals between the mainland US and Hawaii, but also offer a meal upgrade. Their top seller is a $10 bento box with California rolls, edamame and teriyaki chicken.

I personally think Virgin America has the best plan. You order food that’s really good right from your seatback, and you pay for it with your credit card. When they run out of something, it doesn’t appear on the screen.

United told McCarthy that they used to spend $100 million on free food, now they spend $20 million and make $20 million in sales.  But now you can find caprese salad (mozzarella, basil and tomato), smoothies, and yogurt parfaits.