As good news comes from Orbitz and Expedia dropping airline ticket fees, the carriers themselves are unleashing new and more annoying fees this month.

We were happy to read that the Online travel agencies realized that their fees were keeping travelers from actually booking. They were using airline websites to actually spend the money after researching the fares on the online travel agency sites.

Now United and US Airways will begin charging $5 more to start the bag-checking process at the terminal. They want passengers to do it all on line ahead of time.

Even Southwest, who have advertised gleefully in recent months about how they don’t charge all of those fees like the other guys, are now getting into the fee scheme. Now they’ll charge a $25 fee for unaccompanied minors on flights, and $75 if you want to bring along your dog in the cabin.

Ryanair has led the way over the years, they even charge a fee for anyone who doesn’t print their boarding pass out ahead of time. It’s $7 to print it out yourself, but if you forget they wack you for a ‘boarding card re-issue’ for a mighty $60!