How much does it cost to park at FLL Airport – your guide to cheaper parking

Taking a trip out of FLL? It is common knowledge that parking by the terminal at the airport can be very expensive. We created a whole guide for travelers to find the option that works best for them. We provide multiple different approaches to airport parking that are economical and convenient!

On-Airport Parking Lots

Parking at FLL Airport

Need to know how much parking is going to cost you at Fort Lauderdale Airport? It really varies depending on which lot you end up choosing. Prices and occupancy can vary greatly depending on the time of year and how long you will be parked at that lot. We pulled the most current rates available for FLL parking.

Long-Term Parking

How much is long-term parking at FLL Airport? The long-term parking lot at FLL costs $3 per hour and the maximum is $15 per day.

FLL Lots & Their Rates

FLL Long-Term Parking$3/hour
$15 maximum charge per day
FLL Short-Term Parking $3/hour
$36 maximum charge per day
FLL Curbside Valet $25 per day
FLL Overflow Parking Garage $10 per day

Off-Airport Parking

Parking near FLL

The often-overlooked option that is frequently the most economical is looking for off-airport parking near the FLL Airport. There are so many lots offering more affordable pricing on short and long-term parking near FLL. Prices for parking can be as low as $4.95 per day at multiple lots near FLL, like Park 24/7. Not only do you end up finding incredible deals for parking, but you have the added benefit of being able to reserve it in advance. If you are traveling during peak travel times this is a huge asset. These lots also provide specifications opportunities like having covered parking, inside parking, valet and more!

Number of Lots:22 Parking Lots
Best Rated: Park ‘N Go
Most Booked: Park 24/7
Closest to Airport: FLL Quick Park

Long-Term Parking

Planning a long trip and need parking for a significant amount of time? Certain parking lots provide customers with the ability to get added discounts to their already economical rate when choosing long-term parking. Search your parking dates here to find out if you are eligible for additional savings.

Parking Coupon Options

If you’re booking reservations with us at, you’re in luck! We’ve got a special parking coupon for you. Use code GUIDE5 to save $5 off your next parking reservation. Every dollar counts, especially when you’re traveling.

Free Parking Options

If you’re driving to the airport but are looking for free parking, there is one other method to get it. ParkSleepFly is one company that shows all the airport hotels near BOS that offer hotel parking bundles. These packages are perfect for those looking to save on airport parking without having to pay extensive parking fees. You can park at the hotel, spend the night, and then take a free shuttle straight to your flight! Head over to check out the FLL deals.