How much does it cost to park at LaGuardia Airport – your guide to cheaper parking

Are you flying out of LGA? It is well known that if need be you can park at the airport, although it can be a little pricey. We broke down all the options for airport parking at LaGuardia Airport. This guide highlights many more economical options than what most travelers are even aware of. Now, with more people traveling than ever, the demand has created so many other options.

On-Airport Parking Lots

Parking at LGA

Looking to see how much it would cost to park right at LaGuardia on-site lots? This varies greatly depending on which lot you choose and for how long you will be parked. Prices and availability can fluctuate, but we gathered the most recent numbers for parking rates at LaGuardia Airport.

Long-Term Parking

Looking for long-term LaGuardia Aiport parking prices? LaGuardia Airport doesn’t have a long-term parking lot specifically, the daily maximum for their terminal parking lots is $39 per day.

LGA Lots & Their Rates

LGA Terminal Parking Free/30 minutes
$5 for the first hour
$5/each additional half-hour
$39 maximum charge per day
30-day stay limit
LGA Parking for
Persons with Restricted Mobility
Free/30 minutes
$4 for the first hour
$4/each additional half-hour
$18 maximum charge per day
30-day stay limit

Off-Airport Parking

Parking near LaGuardia Airport

You can find many parking lots near LaGuardia that are much more affordable than the on-site lots. There are parking lot prices near LaGuardia as low as $12.99/day at parking lots like Marco LaGuardia Hotel and Suites. Find the best prices on parking here and find more options for personal specifications. For example, at many parking lots you can specify if you want covered parking or not, valet service, and so much more.

Number of Lots: 16 Parking Lots
Best Rated: The Landing at LaGuardia
Most Booked: Bolt Parking
Closest to Airport: The Landing at LaGuardia

Long-Term Parking

Planning on parking for an extended stay? Some parking lots give added discounts to your rate when you stay for long-time parking. Find great savings on airport parking here and see if you can get an added discount!

Parking Coupon Options

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Free Parking Options

If you’re driving to the airport but are looking for free parking, there is one other method to get it. ParkSleepFly is one company that shows all the airport hotels near LaGuardia that offer hotel parking bundles. The parking packages they have available are perfect for travelers that live far away from LGA, that parking for a long time, or are traveling with a big group. You can park at the hotel, spend the night, and then take a free shuttle straight to your flight! Head over to check out the LaGuardia deals.