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How much does it cost to park at Newark Airport – your guide to cheaper parking

Are you flying out of EWR? Parking prices are so high these days that you might be thinking of skipping the drive and just calling an Uber to Newark airport. Before you do that, check out our guide to cheap EWR parking. We’ll go over what the prices are at the airport and how to find better prices!

On-Airport Parking

Parking at EWR

When you park at EWR, how much it costs is entirely dependent on two factors: which Newark lot you park at and how long you’ll be there. We’ve listed the most up-to-date rates for the airport, but we recommend checking availability on the official airport site before making plans.

Long-Term Parking

How much is long-term parking at EWR Airport? The economy parking lot is $18 for the first 24 hours. It is $6 for 8 hours of parking after that, with a maximum of $18 per day.

EWR Lots & Their Rates

Short-Term Lot Rates at EWR $4 for every 30 minutes
$39 maximum charge per day
Daily Lot Rates at EWR (P4) $4 for every 30 minutes
$34 maximum charge per day
Economy Lot Rates at EWR (Lot 6) $18 for the first 24 hours
$6 for every 8 hours after
$18 maximum charge per day

Off-Airport Parking

Parking near EWR

Every day of parking is approximately $20 when you park at the airport, but what about parking off-airport? You can parking as cheap as $6.39 per day at the Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel. If you want your car to be in a certain area or if you preferred covered airport parking, you can search for the exact kind you need. It’s easy with AirportParkingReservations.com.

Number of Lots: 29 Parking Lots
Best Rated: ABC Airport Parking
Most Booked: AirPark
Closest to Airport: The Parking Spot

Long-Term Parking

You can scan the different EWR airport parking options to compare and narrow down the best option. You can often get special discounts when you park for longer periods of time. Search the website to see the great deals waiting for you.

Parking Coupon Options

If you’re booking reservations right now, you’re going to want to snag this promo code: GUIDE5. With this parking coupon code, you’ll save $5 on your next airport parking reservation. That’s almost a whole day of parking!

Free Parking Options

We’ve found another strategy to save money on airport parking. If you’re flying out early in the morning or late at night, this strategy will work best for you. ParkSleepFly.com lists different airport hotels near EWR that have hotel parking packages. These deals are cheaper than hotels and parking booked separately, but they only make sense if spending the night near the airport works for you. It’s ideal for traveling families and businesspeople.