How many times have you been in an airport terminal barely able to keep your eyes open?  What would you have paid to be able to curl up in a bed and catch some zzzzs?  In Amsterdam’s Schipel airport, there are leather chaise lounges that recline…and people wait in line in order to sit in them. You can drift off to sleep and even plug in your devices in handy outlets attached to the seats.

Nap rooms are even better. They offer a chance for privacy, a flat bed, television and WiFi, right in the airport terminal.  A company is betting that US travelers will fork over $30 per hour in order to enjoy this level of rest.  USA Today reported that Minute Suites will open 7′ x 8′ napping rooms in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson airport this month.

San Francisco International plans to follow suit. It’s hired a California company to design 14 rooms of about 90 square feet for its international terminal. The rooms will have similar amenities. But they lack certain amenities that might make them a hard sell–no bathrooms.

Customers who pay the $30 for an hour of rest still have to schlepp out and use the public bathrooms in the terminals.