Kelly Westhoff and her husband Quang Nystrom survived six months on an around the world trip. She provided some tips on how to get along with your spouse during the closeness of a very long voyage.

When you’re out of your element and in a foreign land, it’s tempting to keep your loved one close. Of course you don’t want to lose him (or her) in a strange city, but if you step back and evaluate your reasons for holding on so tight, you’ll probably see that you’re hanging on to temper your own comfort. Eventually you’ll both end up feeling claustrophobic.

Allow yourselves to separate. Go to different Internet cafes and agree to reconnect a few hours later. Send one person out for water while the other hauls a bag of dirty clothes to the laundry lady. “

Money too, proved to be a problem area.  Perhaps the biggest money lesson I learned from budget traveling with my spouse is that both people in the relationship need to carry cash.

I will admit, as a woman, it was tempting at times to let my husband carry the dough. But it’s just not smart, or safe, and it ended up making me feel less in control. 

I felt more confident when I knew I had enough bills in my pocket to buy water, cab fare, dinner, or Internet time.   Read more on