Hurricane Sandy Travel AdviceIf you’ve got travel plans this week – whether or not they involve the East Coast – they may  be affected by Hurricane Sandy. We’ve got some travel advice to help you avoid some of the consequences of this historic storm.

We strongly recommend contacting the airline before you leave home, as over 9000 flights scheduled to depart from or arrive at East Coast airports have been cancelled as of this morning. Those cancellations will likely affect flights across the country, so even if your travel plans don’t involve that part of the US, it’s best to call ahead.

If you’re anywhere near the East Coast and you have reservations at a hotel or parking lot, it’s important that you call ahead to make sure they’re open and honoring reservations. (For reservations made through our site, you’ll find the lot’s phone number on your Reservation Receipt. If you have trouble getting through, contact our Customer Service agents – just click ‘Help’ at the top of the page,  then click the ‘Contact Us’ tab.)

Check local websites for evacuation orders in any areas that are part of your travel plans. States are doing a good job of posting evacuation orders online; Just search ‘Sandy evacuation’ and the name of the state you’re looking for. If there has been an evacuation order, follow it!

Google has a crisis response site with updated forecasts, traffic alerts, shelter locations, and other important storm information.

Most importantly, stay safe!