It’s all about choice: that’s the message for travelers flying out of Southwest Florida International Airport, where competition is increasing between the airport parking garage and off-site lots.

The revenues generated by the on-airport parking services are significantly up on last year, but changes in the pricing structure means that long term parking now costs more for those travelers who choose to park their vehicles at the airport.

This trend has led to many travelers choosing to park at one of the off airport lots servicing Fort Myers Airport parking, where it is possible to get lower rates. Plus, despite the growth in revenue seen by the on-airport parking service, the off site parking lots have also seen their business grow by 5-10% year by year suggesting there are many benefits to be had from parking your car in one of these locations.

Off site parking has been available close to Southwest Florida International Airport for the past eighteen months and a new off airport lot opened just a couple of months ago, showing the growing demand not only for flights from the airport but also for alternative parking arrangements away from the airport.

The conclusion from all of this is that choice is important. Customers need to feel as though they are getting a good deal from their choice of airport parking and while on-site lots are still convenient for many, when other travelers weigh up the odds, they are increasingly finding better deals at those off site lots serving the airport.