There are always some essential items everyone takes with them when they leave home, even if only for a few hours, such as cell phone, keys, and wallet/purse. When traveling and away from home for a longer period of time, the number of essential items can start to get a little interesting.

Here are some of my interesting (some not so interesting) must-have items whenever and wherever I travel:

  • Vitamin Water: I know it’s mostly sugar but I feel healthier! Especially when I’ll be stuffing my face with food when traveling.
  • Tablet: reading ebooks, web surfing, and angry birds. A must have for passing time.
  • First Aid Kit: I like to think I’m the least clumsy person alive but that’s just not true at all. Depending on your travel activities you may need this as well.
  • Picture of my pets: even though I have someone watching over my pets it’s nice to be reminded of them when I’m away.
  • Empty Bag/Water Bottlecall me strange but I love capturing air whenever I travel away from home – like my own souvenir.

I think everyone has their own interesting list of items/habits that they bring with them on their travels. It’s what makes our travels more personalized, unique, and memorable.

How about you? If you have something interesting then share it below, I’d love to hear about it!