Kansas State University coach Bill Snyder appreciates the new direct flights offered from American Airlines from Manhattan, Kansas to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. According to ESPN, the flights began this August and Snyder has been able to use them for recruiting purposes.

Kansas State University used to fly players directly using private airplanes. But the NCAA cut back on that recruiting element and KSA then was forced to fly to Kansas City or even Topeka to find a flight they desired. This new direct flight offers great opportunities for both Snyder and the KSU team.

According to ESPN, Snyder states that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is critical to recruiting. The new flight offered will permit Kansas State University coaches to fly to games easily without changing flights or waiting for a connecting flight.

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Source: http://espn.go.com/blog/big12/post/_/id/5722/ksu-gets-recruiting-boost-from-direct-flight-to-dfw-airport