*Updated June 2018*

Traveling through Los Angeles Intl. Airport is no ordinary feat. Between the traffic, delays and long lines, making it to your terminal on time may seem impossible. But yet, thousands of us fly out of LAX everyday. We asked our LA customers to chime in on best practices and important tips to make your next flight out of LAX a smooth and timely one.

Let’s start with airport parking….

Where to park at LAX:

  1. Airport Center Express –Airport Center Express is another great option less that half a mile to the airport. Jan – May 2018 26% of our LAX customers parked at this lot! Park at Airport Center Express >
  1. Joe’s Airport Parking – Joe’s is our 2nd most popular parking partner at LAX year to date and has always been always a favorite. Our customers rate it particularly highly for ‘ease to find’. Park at Joe’s Airport Parking >
  1. CL Parking – This is the 3rd best selling lot on our site so far in 2018 and is a popular Valet parking option. It has a 4.4/5 rating based on more than 1000 reviews by our customers. Park at CL Parking > 

Joe’s Airport Parking (12%) and 105 Airport Parking (10%) weren’t far behind!

There are many factors into choosing where to park at LAX. When polled, 77% of our customers said that price was the most important aspect in choosing a parking lot. When we dug deeper, we found that most people pay fees between $8-10 a day for airport parking at LAX. If the quality or services of the lot were nicer, customers were willing to pay up to $13; for valet, up to $18 a day.

How much does it cost to park at LAX?

  • Fox Auto Parks: $7.20/day
  • Mega Airport Parking: $8.95/day
  • Travel Car: $10.00/day

(these are the cheapest fees in June 2018 – prices vary depending on parking days and peak travel seasons)

Past experience and distance from the airport were big reasons to choose a parking lot too. Customers also mentioned that the amount of options a parking lot offered was very important (it also makes it easy to accommodate your needs!) The cost of parking at LAX’s cheapest on-airport lot, Economy lot C, is currently (Aug 18) $12 a day. Long stay LAX parking is often cheaper per day than short term parking for LAX.

Parking at the airport is only the first step of the journey. After hopping onto the shuttle, the next stop is Los Angeles Intl. Airport. We rounded up the best advice from our expert travel customers so your next flight out of LAX runs a little smoother:

“Give yourself plenty of time. Between having to wait for a shuttle into the airport from where you parked, to long security lines, you almost can’t be too early these days.”

“No need for an Uber. Just park your car and wait for a shuttle.”

“Leave yourself enough time to drop your car off. The traffic to departures can take up to 30 minutes even though the parking lot is less than 1/2 mile.”

“Plan ahead and make parking reservations early to get best spot and price.”

“If you have a morning flight, take some of the stress away by spending the previous night at a hotel and use their shuttle.”

“[Choose a lot based on] Location : Nearest parking lot from LAX”

“LAX has doubled with the amount of people traveling daily. Early flights are recommended.”

“It’s easier to park out of the airport”

“Always leave plenty of time! Patience is key!”

“Always show up 1 1/2hr before flight, and the times that are best to travel are from 8pm to 10pm and 2am to 4am.”

“You can never get there too early”

“Get there early, check-in online, have your luggage tags on your luggage, go through security, find your gate and then find a place close to your gate to grab a drink, snack, etc.”

“Use the valet parking option. This will save you time when you drop your car off and when you return from your trip.”

“Do your research before you arrive/book a flight. LAX is under construction right now and flights can be delayed. Allow enough time to reach your gate. Convenience, security and customer service are key for me. I do travel quite a bit and need to feel comfortable leaving my car. Also returning to a safe and secure place where the staff is willing to help is important to me.”

“Reserve parking early and let them provide the last couple of miles.”

“Go earlier than recommended.”

“Of course the obvious, everyone should know, go early. QuikPark is very very good. We parked for years at parking lot “C”. Always had a long wait at the airport upon our return. QP is very prompt. QP, is way way way better. Wish we would have found out about this place a long time ago.”

“I’m pretty sure most people who park their car in long term parking do so because they are headed to the airport for a trip so I just want to put it out there that you should give yourself at least 45 minutes to park your car and haul your luggage to the shuttle waiting area. To check your bags in and get through LAX TSA might take another 1-2 hours depending on how busy it is. Better to be early and safe rather than rushing and sorry if you miss your flight.”

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