The observation deck in the Iconic Theme Building is due to reopen within increased security measures since its closure following the 9/11 attacks. The theme building itself has received $9 million worth of renovation following the infamous incident 3 years ago when a huge slab of concrete fell of the ageing structure.

LAX Airport is frequently ranked as one of Americas worst in terms of facilities and appearance.

Improved restaurants, redecoration, a renovated main terminal and shorter check in times are amongst the improvements made recently at LAX.

The Tom Bradley International terminal which processed a staggering eight million visitors last year hasnt had an overhaul since it opened for the 1984 Olympics but has now receieved nearly 3/4 billion dollars in upgrades. Despite this many passenegers are still bussed to the tarmac beacuse of a chronic shortage of gates! The recent improvements are the first step in a much grander plan to invest $1.5 billion in to massively extend the terminal. Another touch that will be popular with local businesses are that there are plans to replace some of the fast food outlets with outlets of local restaurant businesses.

Many city officials realise the value that LAX airport has. As one of Americas largest cities 1st impressions are vital and so the airport must make visitors feel welcome and produce a positive experience of Los Angeles.