San Jose, California travelers may have to say “goodbye” to an old favorite traveling companion: a more than 30 year-old mural that is in the San Jose Airport’s Terminal C. According to San Jose Mercury News, the mural graces a three-story height and portrays the fine history of San Jose from the Native Americans to the Spanish settlers and finally, the start of the 20th century industry. Needless to say, it would be a great disappointment to many to lose such a great piece of artwork that has been enjoyed by San Jose travelers and visitors.

Terminal C is undergoing a renovation, along with the rest of the airport. The $1.5B improvements will make many changes. By the summer, the wrecking ball will appear, and we will know if Terminal C will keep this great mural – or create another fine masterpiece. Whatever their decision, it certainly sounds like they are doing many great things to make the San Jose Airport beautiful for travelers and visitors to the area.

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